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This is not meant to be some railing complaint against the mindset of the Mormon people. Just about any time someone aks me why I made this website, I am severely chastised for being unkind to the very people to whom I claim a ministry calling. I am called an anti-Mormon at times, a person who could not live the gospel and now hate the Mormon people. My critics forget that I myself was a former Mormom who loves 'our people' and want them to be set free from false doctrines that lead to spiritual death.

I was a 4th generation priesthood holder being born into the Mormon religion a person doesn't really seek out and ask questions as they grow and get older. We usually follow in our parents footsteps and want to grow and be like them. I am going to show you information I struggled with and how I found to follow in the footsteps of the Jesus of the Bible. Which I learned is not the same one of the Book of Mormon.

And it all began with my 2nd marriage to an evangelical Christian girl who has changed my life and shown me through Jesus Christ and his death and resurrection how I am saved!
I found that to believe the Book of Mormon means to worship a different God than that of the Christian God and to not believe in the Bible as the teachings in the Bible disprove the Book of Mormon in many ways, and through study and prayer anyone can come to realize this as simple common sense.

When I first started to ask questions these were my most common answers that I had received from friends, family and other LDS members:
"Oh.. we don't fully believe in the Bible, because the Book of Mormon is the fullness of the Gospel and the Bible is only trusted as far as it is translated"

For the first time I had the opportunity to meet and hear the testimony and teachings of James Walker the research and findings he had to show changed my life and will change yours.
There are many proven and known facts today that disprove the book of mormon to be another Testament of Jesus Christ.

Here is what I've come across that has caused me to loose my faith in the Book of Mormon and become a Christian Man.

We pray daily that these videos and scriptural research will change the life's of others and that they open the eyes of many to help them understand the true facts of a misguided belief. May God be with you as you read and learn in Jesus name.
Smith Family

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